Son of a Son of a Sinner

Thoughts of a Christian…2000 years too late


Q.  Why “Son of a Son of a Sinner?”

A. Two-fold 1) I’ve been a big Jimmy Buffett fan since my grade school days. My brother-in-law was/is a Parrothead, and he got me hooked on Buffett during one of our annual summer vacations to St. Augustine Beach (my Margaritaville). Buffett is the musical equivalent to Hemingway. His music features prominently on the soundtrack of my life. 2) I’m a Reformed Christian. I confess that I am a sinner. I’m not a sinner because I sin; I sin because I’m a sinner. I inherited a sin nature from my father, who inherited it from his father, and so on all the way back to Adam. In Adam all die, but, praise God who is rich in mercy, in Christ, all are made alive. So, I’m not intending to celebrate sin, but admit what is all too true about me. If I hope to be saved, I must confess that I’m a sinner, because Christ only saves sinners. So, until I die and am glorified, I remain as Martin Luther put it, simul justis et peccator: at the same time justified and a sinner.

Q. Why “Reforming Parrothead?”

A. Reforming because the Protestant Reformation had many rallying cries (Soli Deo Gloria, Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, Post Tenebras Lux, et al) including Semper Reformanda: always reforming. This holds true for me as an individual believer and for Christ’s Body, the Church. That reform is not just random, unguided change. Rather, it is reform according to the Word of God and it includes but goes far beyond recognizing God’s sovereignty in salvation. However, there are any aspects of my theology, piety, and practice that are not Reformed in the truly historical sense, so I am “Reforming.”


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