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FSDB – Under the Sea Parody

Students, listen to me, the sighted world, it’s a mess. Life at FSDB is better than anything they got out there.

The playground is always greener
At somebody else’s school
You dream about going to there
But it wouldn’t be as cool
As this grand campus around you
Built in 1884
Tom Coleman’s legacy surrounds you
What more is you lookin’ for?

Reading is better using Braille letters
Take it from me
At other schools they work all day
But here we watch the Dragons play
Don’t think I’m gloating
I’m just promoting

Down here all the kids is happy
When they make the honor roll
We also get real happy
When our Cobras score a goal
The Blue Cobras sure is lucky
They’re the best team in the States
The Girls’ squad came in first place
And the guys’ squad did great, OH YEAH!

Nobody beat us or ever cheat us
We guarantee
Our teachers read us lots of books
There’s no doubt that they got us hooked
We’ve just been learning
Good grades we’re earning

Classes are sweet here, we got the beat here
Our most famous alumnus Ray
He got the urge ‘n’ start to play
We got the spirit, you got to hear it

Our blind students shine all of the time
Excelling at all the work their assigned
Our hearing impaired, they all leave prepared
To go out in the world (yeah)!

Ray he did play the black and white keys
Spent all his life tickling ivories
He was a cool cat; he knew where it’s at
And look how far he did go, haha!!

Learning to read so we can succeed
That’s music to me
While other schools are really bland
We got a handi-capable band
We pass exams here; know how to jam here
We don’t act smug here; cutting a rug here
What heights we’ll scale here while reading Braille here
That’s why it’s hotter at our alma mater
We may be blind here, but that’s just fine here


IT’S GOIN DOWN (feat. Kelly and Young Bill)

Here we go again (Bad Boy South, AICPA, FASB Entertainment)
You I go by the name of Kelly, right?
I gotta introduce you to
anotha professa in my department right
This professa go by the name of Bill (Yo, Bill!)
He resides in Marsh Creek, right
But for right now
what we gotta do for y’all
we gotta give y’all a hit

Scholars in my face
Dang near e’ry day
Askin’ me a question like,
‘Bill, where ya stay?’
Tell’em at the Marsh
Ridin’ golf carts
Playin’ 18 holes always finish under par
Just bought a shirt (EEH!)
New shoes on my feet (EEH!)
(EEH!) Both from Parisian (EEH!) so dress like me! (EEH!)
‘04 Jetta wit the bucket seats
Ledgers in the trunk for gas utilities
Catch me at school
Office hours on the door
MWF 9:30-4:00
If you choose
Call me at my house
If you get lucky, might talk to my spouse
My bride loves me
I’m her guy
Gary Hoover smiles every time I walk by
I know you wonder why
I’m so good
‘Cause I gotta CPA/MBA
Like you should!

(Chorus x2)
Abidin’ by GAAP
It’s goin’ down!
In K-315
It’s goin’ down!
Class average
It’s goin’ down!
Any class wit me guaranteed to go down!

Deduct a few thangs
If you blind and 65
You get Ben Franks
I’m in Wiley Hall
Advisees just pause
When I crack a few books about tax laws
Time to get to work
Students bust a hump
Boys in my class
Sometimes call me a chump
When I collect homework
5 days a week
#1 professa
So, sit down in your seat!
Ohh, they dislike me
Do I care? Nah!
Just tell’em to drop me
And walk right out the door
Accounting Firms know my students
Are few and proud,
Lavelle Trained,
And they stand out from the crowd
No sittin’ in the back (EEH!)
(EEH!) Hats are uncouth (EEH!)
(EEH!) As a Marine (EEH!)
(EEH!) Time to recruit (EEH!)
If you have an answer
Say it to my face
You could get an “atta girl”
Or “Ognib” in its place

(Chorus x2)
Abidin’ my GAAP
It’s goin’ down!
In K-315
It’s goin’ down!
Class average
It’s goin’ down!
Any class wit me guaranteed to go down!

Time to pop-a-pouri
Let the scholar know
That his answer ain’t what I was lookin’ for
I don’t teach slow, so you need to read
Goin’ out into the world these skillz you will need
Fed Tax you’re gonna fail, If you don’t know
How to write off donations that you make to the poor

Everytime I walk in, door closes wit a clang
Put down my coffee and say, “Hi, gang!
Put receivables
from those who don’t pay
In the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts at the end of the day
You don’t have it?
Lemme see the audit
Gonna go to Disney, Park Hopper Pass, just bought it!

(Chorus x2)
Abiding by GAAP
It’s goin’ down!
In K-315
It’s goin’ down!
Class average
It’s goin’ down!
Any class you have me, guaranteed to go down!

Yo, Bill
Kelly strikes again
This a Kelly Beat (Money Maker!)