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Thoughts of a Christian…2000 years too late

WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE – Flagler College Edition

A short lesson about the history and people of Flagler College:

Flagler and Rockefeller went in business together
And with all their money and toil,
They created Standard Oil

Henry left to St. Augustine
To create a summer* social scene
Where he and the Gilded Age Elites could all go

So he built the Ponce Hotel
Every room was furnished well
Running water, electric lights
To illuminate the summer* nights
Carrere & Hastings greatest feat
Towers made with poured concrete
Tiffany windows, dining hall
Paintings covered every wall!


Ponce became Flagler College
It fills young minds with knowledge
About business, communication, education, art
Drs. Proctor and Abare
Kelly’s Dean of Academic Affairs
Don’t forget Hibler, Stewart, and Russom
Voguit is a history buff; VandenHouten’s classes are really tough
Steve Thomas looks like a bear; Lou Preysz has no hair
Bob Berger J.D., Delaughter, Driscoll, Ma-kow-ski
Bill Lavelle, Semper Fi; Hoover buys low and sells high!


Friedman, Livingston adores; Jones leads Trolley tours
Judge Poland lays down the law; George Carlin looks like Joe Vlah
Holanchock knows Tae-kwon-do; Chester is über-mellow
Johnson talks theology, Provenza heads up technology!
Donna Webb, Barry Sand (He produced Letterman)
Anastasia, Vilano, Chris Smith likes Michelangelo
Upchurch was a congressman, Twardy for Heisman!
Mission of Nombre de Dios, Castillo de San Marcos!


Lewis, Cedar, Wiley Hall, Kenan, Soccer, Baseball
Food by Aramark, Basketball, “Bo” Clark
Hotel Casa Monica, Lightner, Columbia
Fountain of Youth, Zorayda Castle, parking is indeed a hassle
Huguenot cemetery, the bridge is only temporary
Matanzas Bay, Cracker Café, Dan McCook loves birds of prey!

Markland, Old Jail, Terry delivers mail
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, the lighthouse isn’t hard to find
The churches are a sight to see, shop at Flagler’s Legacy
St. George Street, old world charm, see the Alligator Farm
Lincolnville, quite a thrill, Panepinto frequents Sunset Grille
Oldest House, Oldest School, the new student center is awfully cool
Picturesque sea shore, lots of history galore
Palm trees, ocean breeze
How could you ask for more?!


*My esteemed professor Dr. Livingston reminded me that Henry Flagler intended to create a “Winter Newport” in St. Augustine; the summer’s would have unbearably hot. So, that is the one historical error I made.


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