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Sketchbook: Tebow, He…Is…MAN!

I like to do drawerings. I’m also a Florida Gators fan. I was born and raised in Lake City, FL: the original home of UF, until the town of Gainesville offered them free water and the university moved 45 minutes south. Meh, I’m over it, especially since it happened over a century ago.

Out football team has produced three Heisman trophies: Steve Spurrier in ’66, Danny Wuerffel in ’96, and Tim Tebow in ’07. All QBs…all the sons of ministers. The former two, Presbyterian ministers, so, that’s cool. Tebow’s dad is an evangelical Baptist. Nobody’s perfect, o’course. Despite this, Timmy has had a pretty charmed career. His seeming invincibility and stellar performance elicited omparisons to the Man of Steel early on. So, taking some inspiration from graphic novel artist Alex Ross, I capitalized on all the Superman rhetoric and drew this:


 Tebow has received both criticism and praise for wearing his faith on his sleeve, or rather, his cheek. While many high profile athletes make empty professions of faith and vain confessions of Christ, Tebow’s faith seems to be refreshingly genuine. Our pastor’s son plays with Tim.  He confirms that while in the pile after a play, lots of choice words and trash talk is heard from members of both teams. However, all Tim ever has to say is “good hit” or “nice tackle.” I am certainly against idolizing athletes or anyone else for that matter, but I do have a healthy respect for Tebow not only as a football player but as a brother in Christ as well. The Daily Planet covers his exploits here.


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